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TikTok Milk Crate Problem Places Children at Critical Threat

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Aug. 27, 2021 — A milk crate climbing problem that has had a sudden rise on social media this previous week has led to a lot of its individuals taking a tough fall.

The TikTok pattern, which includes stacking milk crates in a pyramid-shaped staircase and making an attempt to climb up one facet and down the opposite, has resulted in numerous clips of individuals tumbling to the bottom and injuring themselves within the course of as they land on their necks, sides, and backs.

Every crate problem video is a possible orthopedic damage, says George Gantsoudes, MD, a pediatric orthopedist at Pediatrics Specialists of Virginia. These tumbles might doubtlessly lead to fractures of the pelvis, collarbone, and legs, in addition to ligament accidents within the ankle and knee. Paralysis and joint and shoulder dislocations are additionally attainable.

“I perceive that individuals want to search out methods to entertain themselves, however we’d positively admire it if individuals discovered ways in which weren’t risking life and limb,” says Gantsoudes, who hasn’t had a pediatric affected person injured from the crate problem but. “Falling from peak is rarely an excellent factor. Gravity all the time wins.”

These nasty falls, which have garnered hundreds of thousands of views throughout social media platforms, have prompted the FDA and doctors to issue warnings towards the viral fad.

One lady in Dallas was injured after falling onto concrete from a stack of milk crates outside a gas station. She is believed to have hit her head throughout the fall, and pictures posted on-line reveals paramedics coming to her assist.

Additionally, with many pediatric hospitals being swamped with young COVID-19 patients, a few of these crate problem accidents might not be addressed straight away. Gantsoudes says that if a toddler bought a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) on account of doing the milk crate problem and went to a hospital overwhelmed by COVID-19 sufferers, it might not be thought-about an pressing surgical procedure.

“The primary COVID-19 shutdown we had final spring, [children with ACL tears] needed to wait 2 to three months to get mounted,” he stated.

The viral fad joins a protracted record of social media challenges which have gone viral and has had doubtlessly harmful outcomes. The so-called Tide Pod problem — the place individuals really ate laundry detergent pods — resulted in a spike in poison control calls in 2018, whereas youngsters who tried the cinnamon challenge — the place, you guessed it, individuals ate giant quantities of the spice — in 2012 put themselves in danger for severe lung damage.